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A console table dons many hats of functionality, it’s the perfect drop-off point for car keys and wallets, showcases photos and collectibles, doubles as a decorative bookcase, makes any room visually appealing and also accommodates the interior decoration of any space by being a compact alternative to colossal tables. In recent years, the addition of a contemporary console table in any contextual interior design has increased. The idea of ​​incorporating a contemporary console table next to the entryway or in a narrow hallway is quickly becoming a common design practice, although its use has long been determined. Historically speaking, many Victorian homes witnessed the use of wooden consoles to place food and crockery, paired with a mirror to turn into a vanity. Intricately carved French console tables with bone inlays are also used as sculptural works of art in lavish living spaces.

In relatively recent times, many designers and brands have opened up to the idea of ​​console table design as an experimental approach to expressing their design capabilities. While American artist Chris Schank’s Grotto Console Table was designed as a contemporary underworld talisman, Andres Gutierrez’s Jaguarcito Console Table materializes the look of a jaguar and Nada Deb’s Organic Console Table says it all. on local crafts.

STIR has selected a selection of contemporary coffee tables from iconic brands, industrial designers and galleries…

Grotto Console: Pomegranate by Chris Schanck

Chris Schanck’s Grotto console Image: Courtesy of MAD Museum and Chris Schanck

It is an understatement that the American artist Chris Schanck simply designs furniture. Because of Schanck’s highly imaginative mind and visionary approach to bringing his thoughts into sculptural furniture, he is often referred to as a “special effects artist of furniture design”. Schanck’s Grotto Console: Pomegranate is another example of his otherworldly approach to design which is currently on display in his solo exhibition titled Off-World at the MAD Museum in New York. The red colored table presents a contrasting look of a futuristic table while resembling an artifact of ancient civilizations. The blood red table is part of the Grotto furniture series by Schanck comprising a Grotto mirror and a sculptural stone candelabra.

Console Jaguarito

Jaguarcito console presented by the Objective Gallery
Jaguarcito console presented by the Objective Gallery Image: Courtesy of Objective Gallery

The Jaguarcito console is inspired by a leaping jaguar
The Jaguarcito console is inspired by a leaping jaguar Image: Courtesy of Objective Gallery

Conceived by Andres Gutierrez from AG Studio, the Jaguarcito console is inspired by the wild jaguar beasts. The four-legged console table in solid oak presented at Lens Gallery,, with hives all over his body and strong spherical legs, seems to adopt the leaping stance of a Jaguar. As the epics recount, jaguars were revered as deities in the Aztec civilization and were known for their speed and ability to transcend worlds, bearing the sacred image of the Aztec god of the mountains. The designer weaves an engaging narrative around the design of the console table and designed it as a sculptural addition to any interior space.

Console Infinity by Laurameroni Design Collection

The Infinity console by Laurameroni Design Collection
The Infinity console by Laurameroni Design Collection Image: Courtesy of Laurameroni Design Collection

The Italian-based designer Cesare Arosio designed the Infinity console table for Italian luxury brand Laurameroni Design Collection, as part of their Infinity collection. The sinuously curved design of the console table exudes an artistic outlook adorned with Lacca 61 wood varnish and a layered geometric honeycomb pattern. This console revisits the particularity of the angular honeycomb base and accentuates it with a handful of soft curves. The Laurameroni console is designed to accentuate private and public spaces, like a spectacular work of art and to equip modern and eclectic environments.

The Organic Console by Nada Debs

The organic console table by Nada Debs
The organic console table by Nada Debs Image: Courtesy of Nada Debs Studio

The organic console designed by Nada Debs embodies his appreciation for contemporary style and slow craftsmanship. The organic table’s innate cedar wood surface matches a rustic feel, accentuated by round legs, inlaid with a spiral mother-of-pearl pattern. This console table design was inspired by the raw and exquisite patterns seen in nature. Each console is meticulously sanded by skilled craftsmen, retaining the inherent flaws of the wood and allowing the mother-of-pearl legs to protrude through the top. No two pieces are the same because of the organic wood and flexible legs.

Console ‘Continent’ by Xavier Lust

Xavier Lust's 'Continent' Console
Xavier Lust’s ‘Continent’ Console Image: Courtesy of Nilufar Gallery

The limited edition Continent Console from Xavier Luxure emanates a contemporary vision carried by a minimalist design and a creative approach. Present with Nilufar Gallery, the design console table is a limited edition available in twelve numbered and signed pieces. The console is originally designed in stainless steel but is available in custom sizes, an aluminum frame and a satin brass finish.

Credenza M1 by John Eric Byers

Credenza M1 by John Eric Byers
Credenza M1 by John Eric Byers Image: Courtesy of John Eric Byers

Jean-Eric Byers is recognized for its art-inspired design aesthetic that combines simplicity, emotional expression and modern elegance. The M1 brass and maple wood credenza is designed in a solid black color and is shaped like a stool carrying four boxes. Part of a storage collection, the console table design resembles a segmented storage unit transformed into a basic work of art by its textured look. Byers often encapsulates clean geometric shapes in his design that capture his neo-futuristic design vibe.

Lego console by Draga & Aurel for Visionnaire

The Lego console by Visionnaire
The Lego console by Visionnaire Image: Courtesy of Visionnaire

The duo of Italian designers Draga and Aurel designed the Lego console for Visionary as an artistic attempt to capture the magnetic aura of the luxury furniture brand. The concrete and aluminum console imagined by Visionnaire offers a concrete section with an aged look and is finished in a matte black color. The aluminum section is sand cast, textured, polished and lacquered by hand in any color of the chosen metallic finish with the option of being installed in three different configurations.

Azo-X console by François Bauchet

The Azo-X Console
The Azo-X Console Image: Courtesy of Galerie kreo

The Azo-X console from Francois Bauchet is made from a new material consisting of sand, concrete and resin. The freshly designed material has a mineral look that makes it lighter than stone and soft to the touch. Available in an intense brick color and a pearl white hue, the console table is presented at the Paris-based contemporary design gallery, Galerie kreo. The simple design of the console table with the clean red color adds a psychological impact to any interior decor it contributes to. The strong design language and red color are associated with ambition, initiative and perseverance, making it a great option for home offices and creative spaces.

Atmos console by Brodie Neill

Brodie Neill's Atmos console table
Brodie Neill’s Atmos console table Image: Courtesy of Angela Moore

Featured as part of the sustainable design collection titled Material Consciousness, the Atmos table was designed by Australian designer Brodie Neill. It was exhibited at Sotheby’s auction house in London earlier this year along with its Torso stools, Altitude chair, Flotsam coffee table, Jetsam dining table and the Gyro Second Wave sculpture in Ocean Terrazzo. The design of the console table, made by Neil, is very minimalistic and simple. It is constructed in a highly durable structure with an interior surface appearing as a reflective mirror and an exterior surface that gives a satin metallic finish.

Lukas Cober’s Wave Console

The Wave console by Lukas Cober
The Wave console by Lukas Cober Image: Courtesy of Studio Cober

Aachen-based industrial designer Lukas Cober showcases his idiosyncratic design practice through the Wave console table which he created exclusively using colored resin. The simple table observes an expansive essence of the material while being sinuously designed in a fluid perspective. The console table offers clean lines and organic forms, adding a certain sculptural finesse to any space it is fashioned into.