11 Designs of Display Wall Shelves

Stylish display stands are a great way to provide a fantastic way to showcase your favorite decorative items, collectibles, trinkets and artwork. Of course, freestanding shelves have more capacity. But if you have limited space or just want to make good use of the empty space above the table or wall, the display wall shelf is the way to go.

These shelves can not only display your favorite items, add storage, but also serve as decorative items themselves. With different styles and shapes, they are the perfect way to show off your personality. Here we have collected 11 designs of display wall shelves for your inspiration.

Umbra Solis Decorative Heavy-Duty Metal Floating Bookcase

Crafted of durable folded metal, Solis adds a modern, sophisticated touch while adding easy everyday storage for decorative items, books, and more. Solis shelves are simple to assemble and come with all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation; 10 lb (4.5 kg) small and 15 lb (6.8 kg) large shelf load capacity

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Hexagonal Floating Shelves

The hexagonal floating shelves are large in size, so they will be perfect as wall decorations for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, home office kitchen and even the nursery. These solid wood hexagonal wall shelves are strong, sturdy and lightweight.

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Floating shelf with drawer

Measuring 17.09 × 8.54 × 2.44 inches, the floating shelf with drawer expands your storage space, effectively utilizes your walls and frees up more floor space.

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Rustic Wall Mount Square Shaped Floating Shelves

Display charming centerpieces, decorative items, and other treasured possessions while providing functional storage space with U-shaped displays. Reduce clutter and accent your rustic decor.

Made of beautiful torched paulownia wood in 3 different colors: white, brown and blue. Sturdy enough to organize and display your favorite small items and hold them in place.

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3 Tier Geometric Round Wall Shelves

The metal and wood shelf is unique giving it a rustic yet contemporary look perfect for any home. Each piece is crafted from high quality stained wood and finished with galvanized iron brackets. Circular shaped geometric shelves are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for organizing and displaying photo frames, books, vases and decorations.

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Floating shelf for wall shelf

The shelf includes the sliding/adjustable metal frame so the three tier wall shelf can be moved to many positions to suit your own needs.

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Crescent Moon Shelf Wall Décor

Keep your room organized and clutter-free with our floating moon phase wall decor! Mount this elegant hanging wall shelf to display your meditation items without taking up too much floor space. With its adorable star-cut design, this charming moon phase shelf makes a unique statement for bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries, and even offices.

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Gold Floating Shelves

Iron frame material and the partition is light brown vintage wood. A classic, rustic floating shelf can add retro elements to your home.

Size: 60CM X 60CM X 12CM / 23.6″ x 23.6″ x 4.7″

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Moon Shelf Wall Décor

This crescent moon shelf is made from strong and eco-friendly paulownia wood. Display anything from crystals, healing stones, essential oils or other decorative items. This lightweight floating shelf measures 16″ tall, 14″ wide, and 4″ deep.

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Industrial pipe shelving

This industrial pipe rack has a unique water pipe design, is chic and artistic, especially suitable for industrial retro style. This small floating shelf with hooks underneath is a charming decoration and can be combined with home furnishing style and placed in many places like bars, cafes (shown as cup holders for the wall), bookshelves kitchens, living rooms, bathroom shelves. (bathroom shelf with towel rack), farmhouse and any other place you want to install.

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Mirrored Shelves Wall Decor

These wall shelves have real glass mirrors embedded beneath the geometrically sculpted veneer, adding reflection to the space they decorate. The side length of the diamond shaped framed mirror on the wall is about 12 inches. The carrier pallet measures 16″L x 4″W x 0.5″H.

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