11 designs that add stylish texture to a closet |

Curtain closet ideas can not only enhance your closet space with inviting texture, color, and pattern, but they can also be used to help zone a room, conceal an open closet, and separate a walk-in closet from a bedroom. .

Whether you’re exploring dressing room ideas, dressing room ideas, or just want to add an inviting and stylish textural element to your bedroom, closet curtain ideas can work in both classic and contemporary interiors.

A curtain can bring a cozy element of tactile texture and warmth to a room, with bedroom curtain ideas a great way to experiment with beautiful patterns and colors, creating an elegant visual focal point and feature of unique design in one piece.

Curtain Closet Ideas

Explore our collection of tambour door closet ideas, from bespoke built-in looks to stylish walk-in closets, for artful tambour closet inspiration.

1. Create an enhanced texture feel

Dressing room ideas

(Image credit: Nick Smith)

One of the main reasons we turn to tambour door closet ideas is to add a welcoming and cozy texture to a space.

“Whether it’s an entryway, freestanding or recessed installation, the simple addition of a closet curtain can transform the look of the design, adding stylish character and making the area softer and more pleasing to the eye,” says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens’ digital editor.

Inside this luxurious dressing room and bathroom in interior designer Joanna Wood’s Gloucestershire home (opens in a new tab)glass closet doors, framed by elegant patterned curtains, work with the mix of contrasting materials to create an elegant design rich in texture, the closet curtains add a subtle element of softness to the bathroom space – a beautiful look for master bathroom ideas.

2. Use a door curtain to separate a dressing room

Bedroom with jungle motif wallpaper, dressing table and rounded pouf seat, door leading to dressing room, curtain separating the spaces

(Image credit: Katya De Grunwald)

A doorway curtain can be a great option for whole-home curtain ideas, as well as room divider ideas for open concept living, as it works wonderfully in a bedroom to separate and conceal a walk-in closet.

As shown in this modern bedroom, with an eye-catching jungle wall mural, the sleek blue curtain complements the color scheme on the mural and adds an inviting layer of texture to the more minimalist design, a much softer and more inviting option over a door or screen.

Whether you embrace closet organization ideas and have a tidy space, or your closet is more organized chaos, using a curtain to cover the entryway can help your bedroom feel more restful. and soothing, a great tip to help you sleep better at night.

3. Establish a luxurious look

Dressing room ideas

(Image credit: Alexander James)

A curtain is a simple way to make your closet more luxurious and elegant.

As this large walk-in closet shows, fabric door panels beautifully enhance custom built-in wood closet designs, creating an atmosphere of subtle grandeur and style.

Working with the window curtains, area rug and large ottoman to create an inviting, cocooning space full of soft texture, no matter the size of your closet, a fabric door panel can elevate the design from simple to sophisticated.

4. Keep things coordinated

Bedroom with floral prints

(Image credit: future)

Whether you’re looking for ways to use up fabric or curtain scraps, or just want to create a unified and coordinated look, matching your closet curtain ideas to the other curtains in the space can create a glamorous and unique design.

The dramatic floral print used in this bedroom adds vivid shape and color to the space and powerfully celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

A great example of floral bedroom decor, this simple white closet has been stylishly refreshed with elegant floral fabric.

5. Adopt an elegant and neutral design

storage space designed by Kitesgrove

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

This unique, rounded dressing room, designed in a Hampstead penthouse in London by Kitesgrove (opens in a new tab)features a unique bespoke shelf that blends seamlessly into the space, with a design elegantly framed by a pair of neutral curtains.

Establishing a soothing look, ideal for both neutral room ideas and clean aesthetic room ideas, curtains add softness and texture to the minimalist, modern closet design.

6. Create a colorful closet

Bedroom with dark wood flooring, colorful striped sofa, blue and white wallpaper and fitted wardrobes, pink fabric curtains

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

This bedroom, designed by Jessica Buckley Interiors (opens in a new tab) is a great example of how to work with contrasting colors, patterns and textures to form a striking bedroom design.

The unique cupboard door curtains, instead of being framed behind glass, have been left exposed, creating an enhanced textural element and eye-catching visual contrast to the white mirrored wood paneling below – complete with wallpaper patterned blue beautifully framing the large closet space.

With the dusty pink curtains working harmoniously with the pink and blue color scheme in the rest of the bedroom, the use of color creates a truly inviting and elegant sleeping space.

In order to create the perfect color combinations and color combinations in your home, always consult the color wheel.

7. Zone the space

Master bedroom with a storage wall and sliding ladder to access the upper level, fitted wardrobes and exposed beams under a vaulted ceiling, and folded down curtains.

(Image credit: Mel Yates, One Represents Ltd)

Curtains are an innovative design feature that shouldn’t just be limited to windows, they can be a great tool to help zone a space and create division in a room, ideal for large bedrooms or open-plan living rooms.

In this beautiful bedroom with a striking vaulted ceiling, the romantic, sheer curtains may not be part of the closet design on the bespoke wall of the built-in wooden storage, but they work well to create an elegant sense of separation between the large storage space and sleeping. space.

Sheer curtains still create a feeling of space and openness in this bedroom, while adding a delicate, tactile texture to the wooden bedroom design, and show how thinking outside the box with your curtain closet ideas can be. create beautiful designs.

If you don’t have a separate room to use as a dressing room or dressing room, why not get creative with curtains and create a room within a room effect.

8. Make a statement with your closet curtains

Richly textured bedroom with pink wardrobe with leopard print curtains, floral window curtains, green velvet headboard, mirrored wall,

(Image credit: Barlow & Barlow)

A closet is often one of the greatest bedroom furniture ideas and an essential element to consider when designing a bedroom.

Whether you’re creating a beautiful custom built-in design or opting for a freestanding style, get creative with your wardrobe ideas and choose a practical yet beautiful and unique design to celebrate this functional piece of furniture.

In this colorful bedroom, designed by Barlow & Barlow (opens in a new tab)Rich in contrasting textures and patterns, the pink painted closet has been paired with a playful leopard print fabric to create unique curtained door panels. Making an elegant contrast to the more traditional floral fabric used on the window curtains and accent pillow, this closet design definitely makes an elegant statement.

9. Choose an elegant drape

View of the walk in wardrobe, framed by elegant purple velvet curtains

(Image credit: Boca do Lobo)

Curtains are often much thicker and heavier than curtains, usually made from plush fabrics such as velvet and silk. As living room curtain ideas are always popular, curtains can also look great in a bedroom, helping to make the room look more stylish and cozy.

This modern dressing room, designed by Bolshakova Interiors (opens in a new tab) with Boca Do Lobo products (opens in a new tab), was finished off with a pair of pretty purple curtains. The classic drapery design frames the contemporary storage space beautifully, adding rich color and a luxurious touch of inviting texture, while establishing an eclectic mix of old and new design.

10. Use a curtain to cover an open closet

Modern bedroom with open closet, covered in white curtains, bed with white sheets

(Image credit: Ikea)

Using a curtain to cover your closet can not only create a stylish curtain wall, filling your space with inviting texture, but it can cleverly conceal the contents inside, hiding any clutter and making a room more orderly, soothing and relaxing.

Ikea (opens in a new tab) specialize in a range of open wardrobes, curtains and intricate track systems, with the Majgull room-darkening curtains, pictured above, used to conceal the open closet space in this bedroom.

11. Don’t forget the dressing room window curtains

Dressing room with white cupboards and light parquet.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

If your walk-in closet or walk-in closet has windows, adding curtains can help add character to the space, while providing a comforting element of homey texture.

As seen in this modern, minimalist walk-in closet, the textured beige curtains match the light wood flooring to add warmth and natural color to the white design. The window has also been finished with white wooden shutters, adding an enhanced level of privacy, light control and texture to the space.

How to cover a cupboard without a door?

As we explored with our curtain closet ideas, you can cover a closet without needing a door.

Whether used to create stylish fabric door panels or with ceiling mounted tracks to create an elegant curtain wall, a curtain can add beautiful texture, warmth and softness to your storage space.

Other ways to cover a doorless closet include custom panels that can function as sliding doors, a room divider placed in front of the closet, or a wall divider that separates an open closet from the main part of the room.