14 Best Bed Frames to Improve Your Bedroom Setup in 2022

That being said, for this list of some of our favorite bed frames, we haven’t had the luxury of testing all of these items firsthand. But we really think finding something affordable and stylish should be your top priority, and from there, look for an abundance of flexibility to test it out firsthand in your own home. All of the options we’ve listed below have a generous return policy that lets you personally sleep on them, take a creak test, and find out if a few nights on them will cause the bed slats to crumble like a sinkhole in the air. environment. Many of them also have valid warranties, in case something goes wrong over time.

If you’ve indulged in the life of mattresses and box springs, it’s high time you upgraded to something a little more adult. Even if you prefer the look of a low to the ground tatami futon bed, many of these frames will give you the same look without you sleeping directly on the floor. Without further ado, the best bed frames to improve your sleep setup.

The best bed frame overall

This QG The award-winning Thuma bed frame at home is one of those rare breeds that occupies all three categories of “high quality”, “decently affordable” and “easy to assemble”. That’s why it’s our top pick for an overperforming mid-budget option. Besides its well-stained solid wood construction and sensible fabric cushion (which comes in a few different color options for both), it’s also fairly reasonably priced. For those tempted to outsource this construction work to a Taskrabbit, the Thuma assembles as easily as promised – it took a member of GQ staff around 30 minutes to assemble the bed himself, no maneuvering the galaxy brain is required. Its dual-strength frame and slats lock into place to keep them from moving (and squeaking), and the bed itself is made from repurposed solid wood, as well as cork padding underneath, so doesn’t scratch your bedroom floor. The finished product is motion stabilized, carefully designed and extremely robust.

The best bed frame with storage

If you’ve ever wanted a bed that looks a bit like a hot tub, EQ3’s state-of-the-art “Marcel” bed is the one to consider for your current life crisis. Instead of a closet-style system that rolls out storage from below, the Marcel physically lifts like a Murphy bed to store all your unspeakable and linens where the sun doesn’t shine. The design is so ingenious that we recognized it at our Home Awards this year, the only ding here being that it’s made from a composite wood core, finished with a varnish (not entirely solid wood) .

The Best Upholstered Bed Frame

Shinola Runwell Upholstered Bed

The watchmakers at Shinola make a really nice upholstered bed for people who want something upholstered that doesn’t look like a shabby chic home makeover. The Runwell is sort of the perfect marriage of woods and fabrics, combining solid walnut wood with understated linen and softening all the edges with eye-pleasing curves. It supports a box spring or simply the mattress itself thanks to a slatted support system anchored by boxes and square joinery.

The Best Sleigh Style Bed Frame

CB2 Drommen acacia wood bed

Sleigh beds were great in the, uh, 19th century, but there are modern iterations that don’t feel like they’ve traveled back in time from someone’s country estate. The CB2 Drommen is just one of them: a best-seller of the brand, made of angled acacia wood. Our tester loved the soft linen material of this bed’s upholstered headboard (which is surprisingly resistant to dust and dirt after years of use), the squeak-free design, and the high-quality frame for the price. Plus, the bed uses no slats, which equates to incredibly easy assembly. Just slide your bed on top! Due to the angled headboard, its length is a bit wider than average, so we recommend it to someone who has enough space.

best metal bed frame

Olee Sleep 14 inch Heavy Duty Steel

Olee’s Steel Bed Frame is one of the weird metal options we’ve seen that actually has a full steel slat system rather than a skinny support bar holding the thing together. This means it’s more stable and less likely to feel like you’re climbing out of a sinkhole every morning. Good Amazon shoppers don’t often unanimously agree, but they do on this one: this thing is tough as hell and very handy considering it comes with all the tools you need. need to assemble and tighten it.

The bed frame that will make your home feel like a AD Spread

Sarah Ellison Yoko Bed


Design at your fingertips

Australian designer Sarah Ellison is known for her dreamy furniture of soft curves, warm woods, puffy textures and earth tones. Replacing traditional legs with spherical orbs, its spacious Yoko bed frame gives the impression that the bed is hovering somewhere above the ground, supported by a large plank without slats. Now you can finally tell them, “This is where the magic happens,” and mean it.

The Best Budget Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed purists need look no further than this no-frills Scandinavian-style birch wood frame from Helix that’s everything you want – a shapely throne for your plush mattress – and nothing you don’t. don’t want. There’s no option to add a headboard or anything, but for just under $600 you don’t need to know much else except that it’s sturdy, completely harmless in terms of style, and offers a 100-night sleep trial (and comes back) if you don’t like it at all. Plus, assembly requires no tools, just a bit of free time.

7 More Bed Frames We Love

If you’re online somehow, it’s probably algorithmically unlikely that you’ve missed Floyd’s sleek low platform bed. The gem of Instagram’s targeted ads owes a lot to Donald Judd’s minimalist aesthetic: it uses a slatless, screwless design that rests on a few wooden planks that are held together by fabric support straps and attached to legs steel on the bottom. It’s much easier to assemble than any old IKEA step by step. Online reviews vary – some point to peeling wood and sometimes flimsy support straps – but if you’re looking for a sleek, low-top option to take with you to your next five apartments, it’s hard to imagine a superior. combination of aesthetics, ease, and price (though the Floyd isn’t an A+ slam dunk in any of those solitary categories). The company now offers an option to buy your own wood and put it together with Floyd hardware, but if you’re determined to buy a full bed setup, we’d recommend just looking to see if anyone is selling a used version in line. . Or at least buy one when it’s on sale.

Burrow is known more for its sofas in a box than its beds, but the brand’s sturdy sofas show it knows a thing or two on a solid basis. And the Chorus bed takes the right cues. With its low frame, constructed from solid hardwoods and anchored by Japanese-inspired joinery, plus grammable chubby legs (aw!), it’ll bring you chops of style and a trustworthy throne for your bed and your body. It’s just the thing if you want something low stress, low mess and not over the top. If you wanted to dress it up a bit, there’s even the option of adding a fabric or wood headboard.

Upholstered bed CB2 Diana

There’s never been a better time to hit the loop, and if you’re the type to throw caution to the wind with a crisp white cloth and a Tide pen, the Diana might be calling your name. The sinuous slopes of the upholstery resemble a cloud, with a few solid oak legs keeping it grounded. It’ll definitely be harder to clean, but it might be just what you need to dress up that barely used guest room.

Sun in Bed Six Kiral


Design at your fingertips

If budget isn’t an issue, design studio Sun at Six has one of the best understated options with a built-in headboard. The studio is a family affair, guided by the craft of traditional Chinese carpentry, and using oiled white ash that resists stains and breaks down for shipping flat. Combined with a frame that tucks your bed inside like a throne, the chubby, rounded legs give it a fun childish touch. There’s even an option to buy it in a black finish direct from the website if you prefer something a little more vicious.

Tuft & Needle metal frame

For those on a budget, Tuft & Needle also makes a durable steel bed frame (the traditional support bar type) for stacking a box spring and mattress on top. It’s designed to fit together like puzzle pieces, with no tools required for assembly, and reviews seem to be mostly positive. It’s a bit more expensive than the Olee above (and without slats), which is why this one is still our top pick. But if you’re already a Tuft & Needle fan, it might be worth buying bedding and a bed frame at the same time.

Brooklyn-based design studio Akron Street (maker of one of our favorite desks) is always a winner for modern, well-made furniture that won’t look like everyone else’s Ikea collections or Alvar Aalto’s knockoffs . It makes two beds, both platform-style, but we like the extra under-bed storage options on this one that let you tuck sweaters and bedding into its innards without having to worry about moths attacking it. your precious cashmere or dust. under the bed. The only downsides are a less forgiving return policy. If it’s not brand new in the box, mate, you’re stuck with it!

KD Frames nomadic platform bed

The ‘Zon might not be your first choice for a straight-to-the-door bed frame, but the retail powers are stocking an average platform bed from KD Frames, a carpentry company based in Athens, Georgia (go dawgs) . The Scandi-style design uses baked woods that are perfectly understated and economical for a first apartment. There is even the possibility to transfer separately storage drawers to give you more room to conceal your damage.