Capturing life’s special moments in photos and videos is easier than ever now that we carry smartphones everywhere we go. People are taking more photos than ever, all stored on our phone. And while traditional photo frames displaying our favorites around our house are still popular, electronic photo frames allowRead More →

Kodiak Furniture If you’re on the hunt for a new bed frame, consider a classic, timeless piece of wood to enhance your mattress and your style. Wooden bed frames are built to last with sturdy materials and fine craftsmanship. Some wooden bed frames are made from solid wood, while otherRead More →

Maybe you can relate to this story: when I was 20 and still living at home, I had the creakiest bed in the world, and it was killing my sex life. It was a twin-sized rose metal relic of my childhood, and its incessant creaking made it blatant when IRead More →

Follow the feed/ Poster Frame Buying Guide Follow the feed/ Why buy a poster frame? There are several good reasons why it is worth investing in a good sturdy frame for your favorite posters. First and foremost, a poster frame will protect its contents the same way photo frames protectRead More →