A timber clad house that frames relaxing gardens within

Vintage yet modern Japanese architecture is renowned worldwide for its clever optimization of space. Although there are some exceptions, most homes in the country have limited volumes due to government legislation and property prices can also be high depending on location. However, the right team can achieve remarkable results like the Nightingale House.

Credit for this striking take on a modern home with a traditional motif goes to Atsushi Kawanishi Architects. Its conceptualization stage and subsequent plans took the studio just over a year. Construction of the Nightingale House began in 2019 with completion following the following year.

Located in Hyogo Prefecture, it is also called “Uguisu No Ie” (鶯の家) in Japanese. The structure spans 954 square feet with a total of 1,400 square feet inside and out. It manages to stand out from other residences thanks to the facade and the wooden roof style.

From the street, a path lined with aggregates and a few plants leads to the main entrance of the Maison Rossignol. The open sections between the L-shaped plan and the two-storey building house gardens. Pebbles and stone slabs provide stable footing when you need to get outside for some fresh air.

Wood is the material of choice inside and evokes an inviting and warm atmosphere. The floors, stairs and walls have an earthy tone and benefit from natural lighting during the day thanks to the sliding glass doors and full height glazing. The Nightingale House offers a distant view of central Osaka and its airport.

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Images courtesy of Katsumasa Tanaka/Atsushi Kawanishi Architects