A woman saves space by making frames for cabinets

When you live in a small space, one thing you quickly learn is the importance of having good storage options. Whether you live in a tiny home, RV, or studio, you’re probably already enjoying versatile piece of furniture such as storage ottomans and stairs that double as drawers.

Fortunately, there are so many other dual-purpose storage options and this one from TikTok content creator Sarahli of @hauz.and.co is another amazing storage saving option!


The space-saving hack this video It’s incredible! Using a few refurbished picture frames she saved up, she assembled the frames by making straight cuts, using wood glue and nails to hold everything together. She filled the gaps and holes with wood glue, sanded it down, and used wood stain to achieve the desired color. Once everything was dry, she measured and added door hinges before adding the optional door magnet and rear hook to hang diy frame cabinet.

We love the dual purpose of this DIY project, as do its followers and viewers in the comments section. “It’s beautiful and awesome!!!” @taybipboop wrote. “My parents used to do this in their bathroom but the shelves are inside the walls! It’s much more tenant friendly, I love that!” @caisieboychuk commented. “Bruh. First thing I would do is set the thermostat to my favorite 60s and then hide it behind one,” @shyannemory hilariously shared. LOL.

What a great idea that has endless options with what you can store!