Architectural possibilities of wood-like frames

MODERN buildings must meet a variety of criteria that historically were of no concern: from strict safety standards to environmental friendliness and low energy requirements. The key is not just in the design but in the application of new materials that meet these diverse needs.

Eva-Last’s Lifespan Hybrid Aluminum Architectural Beams are an example of a highly engineered building material that meets all traditional standards while allowing for a diverse range of aesthetic applications. Featuring a specialized aluminum core for easier installation at height and resistant to biodegradation, discoloration from UV exposure, corrosion, biological pests (such as termites, fungi and bacteria) and even to the harshest weather conditions, Lifespan offers the look of wood beams without the upkeep of wood or the susceptibility to the elements of alternative metal options.

Lifespan’s reinforced bamboo composite beam (6063-T5 tri-extruded lightweight aluminum core and cellulose-polymer composite cap) provides the foundation for its extreme versatility and durability. With increased span capability, Lifespan is ideal for decorative architecture of all types, including pergolas, privacy screens, shutters, facades, gates, cladding and soffits.

Shaun Erasmus, Manager: Technical Market Support for Eva-Last, explains that the range of profiles – some weighing as little as 0.78 kg per meter – makes Lifespan suitable for all applications, from lightweight non-structural elements such as balusters and railings with decorative elements. oversized trusses and pergolas. “Lifespan posts can even be used to create durable vertical railings and show off outdoor features that require a high degree of tensile strength.”

A benefit often overlooked by casual observers is that Lifespan’s color matched end caps provide a finished look while protecting the hollow chambers of the aluminum core. “The lifespan allows for greater design creativity than traditional materials like wood, and even where there are joints, no supports are needed,” says Erasmus.

The Lifespan range is available across the entire Eva-Tech color palette, offering classic and timeless natural colors in a matte finish to match any design and color palette. Each color evokes the essence of a particular wood application, in a neat, brushed finish that is both elegant and understated.

Unlike wood which its exterior appearance mimics, Lifespan is an environmentally friendly and durable alternative to wood beams, requiring none of the maintenance associated with wood and exhibits flexural stability that far exceeds equivalent wood profiles with mass and weight. reduced. (Modulus of Rupture (MOR): 60.0 MPa; Modulus of Elasticity (MOE): 1.1 GPa.)

The manufacturing process includes the use of solar energy, making it a sustainable building product.

“Lifespan’s lightweight construction prevents deflection, for aesthetic and structural benefits, and eliminates the need for lumber from old trees that would be needed to span similar distances,” Erasmus says.