Best Closet Island Designs

Custom options let you choose how many drawers you want or need to store your jewelry in your storage island. You can also add inserts to your existing island closet for this purpose. You can DIY them by covering the shelves with velvet to store jewelry. Innovate Home Org has options that lock up valuable pieces. If your collection is larger than it costs, there are options with double shelves that pull out, allowing even more storage than traditional designs.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when storing your jewelry (via Roam Often). Everyday jewelry should be displayed in a place that’s easy to see and grab on the way out. In a closet island, it can be an upper pull-out shelf or some sort of storage at the top of the closet island. If you are using a shelf, it may have built-in storage space. Otherwise, you can find storage options that you can tuck into these drawers.

If you have space, sort your jewelry by color. If you have chosen an island with several drawers, you can separate them this way. Depending on your available drawers, you may need to divide one or two into sections. Keep expensive and delicate jewelry in drawers to protect it from the weather.