Best places to buy bed frames

A bed frame is the bone structure of your bed. Of course, your mattress is what will affect your comfort in bed the most, but the quality of your bed frame matters too. The bed frame must properly support your mattress to prevent it from sagging, and it must last no matter how much weight it must bear.

Bed frames also make a big difference in how you execute your bedroom ideas. The bed is the dominant piece of furniture in a bedroom and the style of the bed frame will, to a large extent, dictate what your bedroom will look like. From whimsical hand-carved posters to sleek modern options, the best places to buy bed frames have every style and type of bed frame you could imagine.

1. Wayfair (opens in a new tab)

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Available at: Wayfair (opens in a new tab)

Our search for bed frames on Wayfair returned over 1,300 results, which should cover just about every style and type of bed frame you could imagine. The handy search menu on the left lets you filter results by material, height, size, and even box spring requirements. So you could spend a lot of time looking for exactly the style you want, or you could quickly narrow your search down to your exact needs. What we really love about Wayfair, however, is its unparalleled versatility when it comes to budget points. You can pick up a very decent bed frame there for under $100, or you can splurge on an adjustable bed frame from Hypefurniture, which costs nearly $4,000.

2. Article (opens in a new tab)

A wooden bed frame in a mid century bedroom

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Available at: Article (opens in a new tab)

The article is for you if you want a curated collection of crisp bed frames that will suit a variety of bedrooms. Although often referred to as Mid-Century, these bed frames aren’t just meant to introduce Mid-Century decor into your bedroom design. There are soft upholstery options in delicate neutral colors and classic wooden frames with gorgeous detailing and turned legs. You won’t have to search very long to find the perfect one.

A bed frame with mattress on top in a neutral bedroom

(Image credit: The Home Depot)

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Available at: The reception deposit (opens in a new tab)

At Home Depot, we recommend buying a bed frame if you need a very specific option. Their selection of platform beds, storage beds, and adjustable bed frames is impressive. We also love the choice of upholstered options, making this a go-to destination for traditional bedrooms.

4. Apt2B (opens in a new tab)

A wooden bed frame in a modern bedroom

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Available at: apt2b (opens in a new tab)

If you live in an apartment and are exploring small bedroom ideas, Apt2b’s bed frames should definitely be on your radar. The company’s calling card is its smart sofa beds, ideal for very small spaces and studios. If your apartment is larger and you can afford a full-size bed frame, there are handy storage bed frames and tasteful upholstery options. We really like the elegant upholstered Beacon bed, with its extra high headboard covered in velvet.

A wooden bed frame in a traditional, bright bedroom

(Image credit: Pottery Barn)

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Available at: pottery barn (opens in a new tab)

If your main consideration for your bed frame is classic, tasteful design, then you can’t beat Pottery Barn’s carefully crafted offerings. From intricately constructed herringbone wood headboards to elegant canopy options finished in blonde and ash, this is where you go for impeccable attention to detail. If you’re decorating a farmhouse bedroom, this is the only place online to buy the bed frame you need.

A rattan bed frame in a bright, straight bedroom

(Image credit: Anthropology)

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Available at: Anthropology (opens in a new tab)

Anthropologie is the best place to buy a bed frame if you’re looking for a quirky bed frame. You won’t find cheap options here, but each bed frame made by the company is a work of art that will completely transform your bedroom design. There are elegant velvet-covered frames (which are customizable, by the way), whimsical hand-carved Lombok frames, and feather-light rattan options – your imagination is the limit here. Unusual shapes and curved headboards along with a wide variety of colors make this selection of bed frames the most unique on our list.

7. West Elm (opens in a new tab)

A mid century modern bed in a modern bedroom

(Image credit: West Elm)

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Available at: western elm (opens in a new tab)

If you want to try incorporating mid-century modern decor into your bedroom design, then West Elm is the place to get a bed frame that will have a modern take on the style. West Elm’s signature is the warm teak finish that is so beloved by lovers of mid-century design, but the shapes of the bed frame are modern and will suit any bedroom.

8. Floyd Home (opens in a new tab)

Famous for: Customizable modular beds, storage, tables

Available at: Home Floyd (opens in a new tab)

If the last thing you want to do is browse through hundreds of bed frames, then you should check out Floyd Home. They just make one bed frame, aptly called The Bed, and you can get it in a variety of wood finishes, sizes, and you can add a headboard and storage if you want. need it. The design is sleek and versatile and will suit most bedrooms. A simple, high quality solution to bed frame research.

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If you’re looking for something completely different and super high quality, head to Restoration Hardware for platform beds, handmade from exquisite burl wood. The natural grain gives the bed frames a beautiful pattern and the bed frames themselves come in a nice range of options, from platform configurations to four poster. We also like that the bed frames come with footboards, which not all bed frames do.

10. Thuma (opens in a new tab)

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Available at: Thuma (opens in a new tab)

Thuma is a one-stop bedroom destination where you can get absolutely everything you need, from the carefully crafted bed frame to bedside tables, linens, and even a few bedroom accessories like candles and bed socks. The bed frame is modern yet versatile and can easily be assembled at home, making it perfect for homes with narrow doorways.