Best ready-made photo frames with and without a mat –

Framing images can be a frustrating process. You may find a frame that’s the right size for the job but doesn’t look the right way, or it may be difficult to assemble and hang. Ideally, you’d take a photo at a professional, but custom framing is expensive. Ready-made frames are cheaper, but there are good quality ones on the market. When choosing your own frame, it can be useful to find one that comes with a mat, as you can use it for photos of many sizes, with the option to cut the mat for a better fit. adjustment. Build your gallery wall with our top picks of ready-made frames below.

1. Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare Framework

Available in four precise sizes, this frame from Nielsen Bainbridge is not only sophisticated but also protective, and in more ways than your usual frame. The smooth, solid wood frame comes with high-quality glass that has UV glazing to prevent its contents from fading due to sunlight, and the included mats (a 4-ply beveled front mat and a 2-ply backing) are acid and lignin. -free to delay the natural deterioration of papers over time. To top it off, this frame is easy to hang, with strong, attached rings for vertical or horizontal mounting.

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Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare Frame


2. Frametory photo frame

Frametory’s product lacks the archival properties of Nielsen Bainbridge’s frame, but it ticks all the other boxes: aesthetics, precision, durability and ease of use. The black frame itself is made of a dense pressed board, which provides a uniform and smooth appearance, and it is fitted with a 2 millimeter glass front which provides excellent clarity. The mat features clean, beveled edges and the cardboard backing is firm to hold your artwork in place. It also features swivel tabs, rather than pointy flex clips, so you can load the frame quickly without bruising a fingernail; there are also sawtooth hangers.

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Frametory picture frame


3. Upsimple Photo Frame Set

These frames are a smart choice if you need to hang a lot of pictures and are willing to sacrifice a little quality to prioritize affordability. Sold in packs of 10, they are simple, sturdy and easy to assemble, with a stand that fits properly and stays in place. The frames are plastic, so they don’t have the polished look of a high-end item; however, you are getting real glass, which provides great visibility and protection for the artwork. These frames also hang on the wall or can be placed on a table with the stand holder attached.

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Upsimple Photo Frame Set


4. Egofine photo frames

If you’re looking for frames in more earthy tones, we like those from Egofine, which come in tan, walnut, burgundy red and two shades of grey. Crafted of hand-painted solid wood, the frame features a natural grain finish that adds a touch of warmth. You get four frames in this set, and each comes with several mat boards to accommodate pictures of different sizes. The front is plexiglass rather than glass, but you won’t be able to tell from afar. This is also a smart option if the frames are going to be in an area where they will be frequently bumped into.

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Egofine photo frames


5. Cavepop Photo Frames

This pack of five frames is ideal for those who want to add a rustic finish to their artwork. Made of painted wood with a defined grain, they have a slightly aged but natural look, and the surface is textured but still relatively smooth. Pictures stay securely in place between a real glass front and a stable stand, which is finished with swivel tabs, two hooks and a kickstand for tabletop display. Cavepop’s frames also stand out for their packaging, with each arriving individually bubble wrapped for maximum protection.

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Cavepop Photo Frames