Black Frames for New Windows: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Green Renovation Project

Replacing windows is one of the best home improvement projects for homeowners to consider. Not only does this improve your home’s energy efficiency and insulation, but it also improves the aesthetics and value of your home.

But while many homeowners do extensive research on energy efficiency, financial options, and rebates, they tend to neglect choosing the right window paint and exterior appearance.

This article will therefore detail the most commonly chosen option for the color of window frames – black.

Is it really a good choice for your home? Will it fade? Can you paint the inside and outside of your windows the same? Which windows are the most durable? Interested? Keep reading to find all the answers!

Why are black window frames so popular?

Black is indeed a bold, elegant and classic color solution that suits almost any style of home. For many homeowners, window frames painted black are an easy way to add contrast and modern appeal, but that means black is the only solution, as sometimes a different colored window is better suited to achieve the look you strive for.

Keep reading to learn the answers to typical questions homeowners ask when choosing the right color for new windows.

What is the impact of black windows on the final replacement price?

In fact, the color of your window greatly affects the final quote you get for the replacement project. And that’s where standard colors like black or white come in handy, because they don’t add to the cost of your windows compared to when you want a custom tint that’s quite hard to get.

Black colored windows will be priced approximately 15% less than custom painted units. But depending on many other aspects, such as the glazing, finish, hardware or painting of your windows inside and out, this will also affect the final quote. Visit this site to learn more about window prices and get a free project estimate.


Are black windows fading?

This is probably the most common issue that homeowners tend to worry about when considering black windows.

Modern black painted windows are protected from excessive fading no matter which frame material you choose. However, most window experts agree that installing black windows for the sunny (south) side of your home can lead to more frequent maintenance. Nonetheless, modern black windows will work well, especially if you choose the following material for your frames:

  • Black fiberglass windows feature a powder coat finish that resists scratching, chalking, and fading.
  • Black vinyl windows require minimal maintenance, such as occasional spring touch-ups or refinishing. These units will last for years, allowing for excellent weather resistance and excellent color retention.

What are the best black window styles?

When installing new windows, choosing an appropriate window style is key to complementing your home’s exterior and providing comfort to your family. Plus, it has a direct impact on the energy efficiency and appearance of your home. So what are the best options today?

  • Black casement windows. Experts say these units are the most popular models. They function like a door, adapt to all rough openings and offer the best energy efficiency performance. In addition, the black paint perfectly emphasizes the beauty of these classic windows.
  • Black bay windows. The most energy efficient windows on the market today. They don’t work and you can often find them in living rooms for the perfect unobstructed outdoor view. Black is a great solution for bay windows to complement their sleek lines and simple structure.
  • Black sliding windows. These are units that blend perfectly with modern designs. Sliding in a left-to-right track, they don’t take up much space and, when painted black, bring a great exterior look that perfectly complements your home design.

Which black windows are the most durable?

Going green and recycling is a trend and a necessity today. That’s why many homeowners want to install the most environmentally friendly windows. This not only helps the environment, but also allows homeowners to claim different government rebates. And contrary to popular belief, vinyl windows are one of the most popular options among those who “go green” since they can be recycled and reused up to 10 times without loss of quality.

Some of the most requested durability features of vinyl windows include:

  • Insulation. Vinyl is one of the best home insulation materials because it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to wood window frames;
  • Sustainability. High quality vinyl units will serve you up to 35 years without loss of energy performance;

Can you paint windows in different colors for inside and outside?

Absolutely. Most homeowners tend to choose different interior and exterior colors for their windows to perfectly match the style and decor of the house. Black is typically used for the exterior, while the interior can be painted white or any other custom hue you can think of.

However, you must remember that with some window materials, interior and exterior painting can be more or less complex. The middle ground is vinyl. With double frame vinyl windows, you can choose any color solution to match the interior and exterior.

Where do black windows work best?

Modern black-colored windows work best in mild, cold climates because dark colors attract more sunlight. Black is also a trendy option for modern design homes as it ideally showcases a clean, minimalist aesthetic. When it comes to architectural styles, black windows work best with Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman and Cottage style homeswhere black is usually used in contrast to a white exterior.