Forget Photo Frames…Create a Clipboard Gallery Wall Instead

Do you need inspiration for your home design? Maybe you have a bit of a unique aesthetic and don’t want to go with the typical look. Or maybe you just want to change things up a bit and are looking for that somewhat unusual centerpiece that can be the mainstay of a room.

Well, look no further because we have just what you need for the simplest and neatest gallery wall of your dreams!


Mariah from Worcester Run on TikTok, prides herself on being a vintage stylist. Many of his videos focus on taking vintage pieces, ones that are a bit unusual or out of place in our modern society, and turning them into brand new creations, or using them in unusual ways, and the video we’re focusing on today is no different.

Here, Mariah takes a bunch of old paperweights, the ones with the wooden back and the metal clip, and uses them to create the base of her gallery display. An entire wall of her home is filled with these paperweights, each pinned with a random, vintage-style piece of art, picture, or leaf reminiscent of a bygone era.

Stop for a moment and you can see all the unique beauty of Mariah’s Wall. There are vintage portraits, black and white flower drawings, painted ships and much more. The style is eclectic and dispersed but also, somehow, works together – bound into a cohesive “piece” by the paperweights that at least lend a similar look between all the dissimilarities.

So if you have access to a bunch of old clipboards, let’s say your dad was a coach or involved in some way with a school, or you randomly found a whole bunch of them in a void -attic or a resale store, so let that be your sign to take a leap of faith and create a gallery wall that will stand out from all the rest!