Fransje Gimbrère creates a woven installation for Róhe Frames at Amsterdam Fashion Week

The Amsterdam-based brand and studio Róhe Frames filled an exhibition space with curated vintage furniture and Crafted Columns, a woven installation by artist Fransje Gimbrère, to launch its latest collection during Fashion Week in Amsterdam. Amsterdam.

The Rohe Frames The exhibition took place in the Jordaan district of central Amsterdam in a white-walled space that was brightly lit by a barrel-vaulted skylight above.

Róhe Frames used vintage and contemporary furniture to showcase their latest collection

Here, Róhe Frames has incorporated its latest collection of trans-seasonal and knitted pieces among vintage and contemporary furniture pieces. In the corner of the room, the Dutch artist Fransje Gimbrere created a large woven installation titled Crafted Columns.

Gimbrère turned to knitting techniques to inform his design of three volumes of black thread, making the installation by hand using hundreds of cords, cords and threads of varying thicknesses and weaves.

Image of the woven installation at the Róhe Frames pop-up
The installation is made up of three columnar volumes

The wire installation was suspended from the ceiling of the Róhe Frames space by means of arched brackets. Gimbrère wove and braided wire, rope and rope through the supports in order to then drape the volumes in a columnar style in space.

Many vintage pieces of furniture incorporated throughout the space have been wrapped and covered in excess yarn used in the Gimbrère installation.

Image of hand-woven installation at pop-up
The material has been manipulated to create different shapes

“Hundreds of different cords made of natural materials create a three-dimensional game,” the brand said. “The art exhibition tells the story of a conscious and multidisciplinary approach, characteristic of Róhe.”

“Crafted Columns explores the dialogue between fashion, craftsmanship, art and collaborations in a physical space where all of these disciplines can co-exist,” added Rohé Frames.

Also on display were a steel chair and bench by the Dutch designer Paul Coenenwhich have been neatly placed between subtly corrugated clothes rails.

Solid wood pieces – like a 1970s lounge chair covered in Icelandic sheepskin – on loan from a home furniture store Fundamentally added a warmer touch to the space.

Interior image of Róhe Frames clothes on clothes rails
The vintage furniture was sourced by the brand

“The good things in life cannot be rushed, which is why we are committed to sharing the beautiful stories of handmade,” Róhe Frames said of the exhibition.

“By shedding light on the art of knitting, we hope to spark a deeper connection between our customers and Róhe pieces.”

Image of a stool with a woven seat next to a shelf in the Róhe Frames pop-up
Vintage furniture has been reupholstered with excess yarn from the woven installation

The brand also collaborated with a UK-based fashion designer Amy Powell to create a hand-knit clothing line consisting of six experimental knit tops.

During this year’s Amsterdam Fashion Week, Francon presented their Spring/Summer 2023 collection at MVRDV’s Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, while 1/OFF presented a collection made from vintage fabrics.

The photograph is from Stephanie Oonk.

Amsterdam Fashion Week took place from August 31 to September 4, 2022 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events happening around the world.