Harold Wood’s father frames £10 gift from man who returned his phone

17:19 July 15, 2022

5:33 PM July 15, 2022

A Harold Wood father has framed a £10 note from the man who returned his wife’s phone to remind his son that ‘people are nice’.

Emrah Kuter – who lives in Harold Wood with his wife Asli, 38, and six-year-old son Mert – said that although he doesn’t use Facebook often, he has taken to the platform to thank a man for his “kindness”.

He wrote that a man called Max not only returned his wife’s lost phone, he also included a £10 gift.

“I believe it’s something worth mentioning and spreading kindness to people,” he said.

On July 14, the Kuter family were in Harold Wood Park when they realized Asli had lost her phone.

Emrah said they had been looking for it for quite a while, but the battery was dead, which made them panic because the phone contained “a lot of important information”.

The 41-year-old said: “We weren’t sure if we should cancel the bank cards but I decided to give the phone one last ring and someone answered the call and told me not to. not worry.

“He said he would return it and gave us his location.”

When Emrah and his family retrieved the phone, he said Max “walked over to me, hugged me and told me to calm down – I was very happy”.

Wanting to reward the man, Emrah thought about giving Max some money. Instead, Max handed her £10 and said he should use the money to get treats for the family to ‘forget the sadness’ they had faced back in the day.

The framed note in Mert’s room
– Credit: Emrah Kuter

Emrah brought treats to his family, but not with the money he received from Max.

He said, “I framed the note and put it in my son’s room.

“No matter how much I tell him you should be kind and kind to people, the note will serve as a reminder of how you can remove sadness and bring happiness by being kind and how kind people are.”

Emrah hopes sharing his experience will “help create kindness” and said he is “very grateful” for Max’s actions.