James Gunn Tells DC Fans to ‘Calm Down’ After ‘Batgirl’ Shelves

James Gunn Tells DC Fans To ‘Calm Down’ After The Cancellation Announcement bat girl movie starring Leslie Grace and Michael Keaton.

Earlier, James Gunn posted a photo on Twitter of the cast for The Suicide Squad movie that saw a worried fan ask about the John Cena Peacemaker series, which saw Gunn respond that all is well with the show. In separate tweets, Gunn also confirmed Peacemaker remains faithful to the DCEU and that season 2 will be filmed in 2023.

Peacemaker John Cena

Fans worried about DC

Fans are worried about the DC brand following the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery with new CEO David Zaslav in charge, who brought all sorts of changes including the cancellation of the DC. wonder twins film, the cancellation of various children’s and family shows for HBO Max, and the ousting of WB executives and the hiring of new managers.

James Gunn is also developing a second spin-off of The Suicide Squadso again, everything seems to be fine as far as the Peacemaker franchise.

What’s up in the air is the fate of the DC movies universe as there doesn’t seem to be a cohesive direction, with rumors surrounding the flash the film released next year will reboot the DCEU but it is not clear how there is the Dwayne Johnson black adam film, Shazam! 2, Aquaman 2, the flashand Matt Reeves The Batman universe with a sequel in the works and two HBO Max shows, and Joker 2 is also in development, but none of that is connected.

DC insiders at Comic-Con also told me that Dwayne Johnson wanted to take over the DC movies universe and that Henry Cavill could return as Superman if he wanted. One can also add that the cancellation of bat girl could also mean that Michael Keaton Batman will not stay as recently he also announced that Ben Affleck will return as Batman in Aquaman 2, supposed to replace Keaton.

Regarding the cancellation of bat girlit was said that this was partly due to the film being so bad.

So yeah, even though it all looks like a big mess, James Gunn’s stuff is safe. For the moment.