Man Reinvents Ikea Picture Frames Into Hanging Planters And They’re Adorable

We’re always looking for awesome ways to flip, renovate and otherwise recycle the things around us. Usually it’s not Ikea stuff, but hey – trash don’t want. While Ikea tends to have things that fit in well with your home as is, sometimes you want to add a bit of something special to your look, which means this picture frame hack is the DIY. perfect to try for your home!

Kaikki Paketissa is the designer behind this Ikea ‘hack’, and don’t blame us if you fall in love with her too! The best part about this DIY is that you really don’t need much – just an Ikea wooden picture frame (the box type frame is best), a small flower in a planter, and something to hang it on.


To start, grab your picture frame and remove the glass and make sure all sides are smooth with no tabs sticking out. We recommend removing them by wiggling them gently with a set of pliers, although you can probably just pound them flat as well.

Next, measure the “top” of your frame and determine where the center is. Use a small screw hook and place it in this central position – it will give your plant something to hang from. Remember that your screw will not be very tight inside, nor very large, so you will not be able to hang a very heavy plant on it.

After that, just place your plant and planter in whatever you use to hang it on the hook and slide the top rope through that hanger! Kaikki used a thin net, which works perfectly both sizing and visually in this case, although you can probably use whatever works best for you as long as the size itself is right for you.