Nostalgic Uniforms: These jersey frames help honor your football memories (and make great gifts).

The best frames to proudly display your football jersey

A jersey frame is a great way to proudly display your love for football. Whether you want to show off an autographed jersey of your favorite player or preserve your old high school or college uniform, a jersey frame is what you need.

You can certainly store your precious jerseys safely in a drawer, but it’s best to show them off and keep them well protected in a frame. The best frames are made with high quality materials, keep your jersey secure, and are easy to mount on a wall.

What to Consider Before Buying a Jersey Frame


Before buying any jersey frame, it’s best to make sure it’s big enough to hold the jersey you want to put in it. Football shirts tend to be larger than other sports, so you should look for one with enough vertical length. Generally, a frame box should be at least 30 inches long and 23 inches wide.

Flat frame or shadowbox

A flat jersey frame looks like a photo portrait and can usually hold a jersey. However, a shadowbox frame is more appropriate if you want to display other memorabilia with your sports uniform. A shadowbox frame is basically a thicker flat frame, so it has more depth and space.

Display methods

The jersey frames come with mounting hardware so you can hang them on the wall. Some only allow you to hang them vertically, but others can be positioned horizontally. The best frames come with a poster board and two hangers, one metal and one wooden, so you can display your jerseys three ways.

What to Look for in a Quality Jersey Frame

Manufacturing quality

There are jersey frames made with inexpensive plastic materials, but for your most treasured uniforms or as a thoughtful gift, it’s best to get one made of premium wood. The wood gives it a sturdy construction and a sophisticated look, which is only enhanced with a neat finish in the color of your choice. Popular finishes include matte black and mahogany.


Getting a frame with a padlock is a good idea if you have a rare jersey or just want to keep any jersey safe. Some cases have anti-theft hinges, while others come with a key to open and close the door. A jersey frame with gold-plated anti-theft locks is the way to go for an upscale look.

Ultraviolet protection

You don’t have to worry about UV protection if you want to hang your jersey frame in a basement or somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. But if you keep your frame near a window, you’ll want the glass panel to provide UV protection to protect your jersey from fading.

Best Jersey Frames

Premium Jersey Executive Suitcases

EBEYT MDF Solid Wood Jersey Case

Protect your jerseys from fading and display them proudly in your home with this high quality frame. The interior is lined with protective fabrics, and it has rustproof hinges and two serrated hooks to secure it to the wall. Sold by Wayfair

Best Black Pinnacle Shadowbox Picture Frame

Black Pinnacle Shadowbox Picture Frame

This frame measures approximately 40 x 30 inches, making it large enough to display a sports jersey and even more oversized clothing, such as a wedding dress and cheerleader uniform. It has a black finish, glass resistant plexiglass and works vertically and horizontally. Sold by Kohls

Best Kinbor MDF Jersey Case

MDF Kinbor Jersey Briefcase

This jersey frame looks fantastic and protects your valuable uniform or jersey against dust and dirt. It has an acrylic panel and eco lacquer finish for a sophisticated look and comes with a key to lock the door. Sold by Wayfair

Best AmigosBR1 Jersey Case

AmigosBR1 Jersey Case

This frame is made of wood in a fade resistant black finish and has a 92% clear acrylic glass panel. It has a 98% UV protection feature to protect your jersey from fading, two safety locks and can be positioned three ways. Sold by Wayfair

Jersey Frames Under $80

Best Jersey Display Frame Case IHEIPYE

IHEIPYE Jersey Display Stand Frame

This shatterproof frame is made with premium wood and has an anti-fade matte black finish. It has a velvety felt lining with two gold-plated anti-theft locks and can be displayed three ways using the included hangers and bulletin board. Sold by Amazon

Best Showcase Pennzoni Jersey

Pennzoni Jersey Showcase

This glossy black jersey case has an ultraviolet acrylic front door and pre-installed alligator tooth hangers, so it’s ready to hang right out of the box. It is made with solid basswood and a solid wood backing for durability. Sold by Etsy

Best Jersey Showcase JackCubeDesign

Showcase Jersey JackCubeDesign

This handcrafted leatherette jersey frame has a traditional design for a stylish look and requires no assembly. It has a clear acrylic door for easy access, two locks for added security, and the interior has a protective felt liner. Sold by Amazon

Best Jersey Snail Store Display Frame Case

Snail Store Jersey Display Frame

This framed case is crafted from premium solid wood and features an elegant fade-resistant mahogany finish. The panels are made of high quality acrylic material and will not yellow over time, and the interior is 360 degree foam wrapped for optimal protection. Sold by Amazon

Best Jaxpety MDF + Solid Wood Jersey Case

Jaxpety MDF + solid wood jersey case

This jersey case is excellent for displaying jerseys of almost any size. It has a high quality wood and glass construction, a hanger on the back for hanging, and a lock on the frame to keep your jerseys from falling off. Sold by Wayfair

Best Showcase TidyMe Jersey Frame

Showcase TidyMe Jersey Frame

Crafted with 100% solid wood, this jersey case is great for anyone looking to display their nostalgic uniforms and keep them in pristine condition. It’s made from solid wood, has a matte black finish, and can be mounted three different ways in minutes. Sold by Amazon

Best Jersey Display Frame Case DisplayGifts

DisplayGifts Jersey Display Frame

This solid wood frame will keep your jersey safe and display it in a sleek case with a matte black finish. It includes a hanger and a poster board to mount it in two ways, and the 3.5 millimeter acrylic glass protects it from dust and dirt. Sold by Amazon

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