Prince Harry Returning Advance and Shelving Memoir “Highly Unlikely”


  • Katie Nicholl expects Prince Harry to tell the “inner story” of his departure in her book.
  • According to Nicholl, the chances of Prince Harry returning the money and not publishing the book are “highly unlikely”.
  • Prince Harry’s book is the Royal Family’s ‘biggest concern’ as ‘they don’t know what to expect’.

A royal expert believes the chances of Prince Harry returning the book advance for his memoir are ‘highly unlikely’. Ahead, an author explains why they think he’ll tell the “inside story” of his and Meghan Markle’s departure. Plus, why the book is probably the current No. 1 “concern” for the British Royal Family.

Royal expert believes book advance amount suggests Prince Harry will share ‘inner story’

Nicholl told Palace Confidential that the Duke of Sussex’s supposedly voluminous book alludes to the contents.

“When you have that kind of lead, it’s not for Harry to talk about his philanthropic work. It’s going to be the inner story of being born reserve, what that entails,” she said .

“I’ve sat down with Harry before and he’s been like, ‘There were many times I wish I hadn’t been born a prince,'” she added. “It was very obvious to me from the start that he actually wanted a way out. Palace’s vision for him to be William’s sidekick, his winger all these years may not have always been the vision. from Harry.

“Meghan was blamed for the heartbreak in Windsor and for Megxit. But, in fact, was she just the catalyst Harry needed to get out? Nicholl asked. “I think we’re going to see him shed some light on his reasons for leaving in this new book.”

PrinceHarry | Aaron Chown/PA Images via Getty Images

Prince Harry steps down from ‘highly unlikely’ memoir

Saying thank you but no thank you to the book and the money is not a scenario Nicholl expects.

“Harry took a $35 million advance,” she said. “The odds of him returning this and saying, ‘Actually, I’m not going to do this book after all,’ are highly unlikely.”

Previously, another expert called book earnings essential due to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s expensive lifestyle.

They appeared to be ‘spending money like water’, royal expert Tom Sykes said, noting ‘homes, security and prosecution’.

Harry and Meghan decided to become “financially independent” when they decided to “step back” from royal life in 2020. Since then, they have signed lucrative deals with Spotify and Netflix.

Harry’s book is the ‘biggest threat’ and ‘greatest concern’ to the Royal Family

In Nicholl’s estimation, the “biggest concern” for the royal family right now is not, say, the start of the king’s reign, but rather Harry’s book.

“I think the biggest threat, and certainly the biggest concern to the Royal Family, is Prince Harry’s forthcoming autobiography, which has caused a lot of consternation in royal circles,” she said.

The author of New members of the royal family: Queen Elizabeth’s legacy and the future of the crown continued, saying that Harry’s book was a question mark. Because of this, there is “a lot of concern among royal sources and palace aides because, quite simply, they don’t know what to expect.”

Nicholl also addressed rumors of Harry potentially making “last minute changes” following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“The autobiography has been shrouded in secrecy. I think it’s a matter of belts and suspenders, and the Palace is really preparing for what’s to come,” she concluded.

As of this writing, there is no official release date for Harry’s memoir.

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