The best 2022 gallery wall frames you’ll actually want to hang up

Emilie Followill

Unlike hanging a single painting or displaying decor in your home, creating a gallery wall requires planning. From figuring out frame sizes and styles, to establishing how you want to arrange them on the wall (including what you want to put in each one!), there’s a lot of detail to take into account. Not to mention that you have the option of weaving other wall pieces like mirrors and decorative plates. But the easiest way to start is to start with the frames themselves. Once you nail them down, you’ll be able to figure out the rest of the process in no time!

Ahead, we have arranged the best gallery wall frames for your home. From a classic set of black frames to ornate gold styles, these frames are great candidates for your dream display. And when you finally have them, follow our designer-approved guide to hanging a museum-worthy gallery wall for tips and do-it-yourself inspiration.

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Best vintage look

Simon’s shop

8×10 frame

Best Rustic Set


8 x 10 picture frames, pack of 4

Best Modern Ensemble


Square frames, set of 9

Best frames with fine art included


Wall frames

Best together with different sizes

Gallery Perfect

7-piece black photo kit

Best bohemian


Scalloped Wicker Gallery Frame 11″ X 14″

best single


Madison Frame

Best Metal Ensemble


Set of 3 Matte Metal Gallery Wall Frames

Best Lightweight Overall

three positions teenager

Set of 8 plastic beveled photo frames Syston

Ideal for large walls

frame bridge

Endless organic

How to create a gallery wall

Need more inspiration? Find out how the Birmingham-based designer Frank Keenan created this gallery wall for a client. Dive deeper into his tips for creating a gallery wall here.

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