The best bed frames: wood, metal, velvet and more – whatever your budget

A lovely bed frame is the keystone of a well-designed bedroom. Whether you have visions of an elegant four-poster bed or a dramatic rococo headboard, a queen bed will not only make your night feel like you’re in a boutique hotel, it can also add some flair. storage, character, even the illusion of more space. Imagine a bedroom in Soho House and its generous use of velvets and prints, or the woven rush headboards in Heckfield Place – it’s always a sign of a good bed when you feel like you have to pull out your phone and of the Instagramer before you even sit down. If you’re going to get closer to your bed every day, heck, might as well love it.

Where is the best place to buy a bed frame?

If you want to make a statement, we love the theater of a canopy bed, especially now there are so many chic options with slim silhouettes that won’t overwhelm a small room, and you can experiment with lightweight curtains at corners or a textile panel on the back. If you have the ceiling height for a canopy bed, try john lewis, Graham and Green, Healor even Wayfair.

Trying to give more character to a rented apartment? Velvet bed frames will instantly add texture, color and warmth to an uninspiring white bedroom. This trick is particularly effective if the headboard has an interesting shape. Try for affordability, more Soho Home and Loaf for the best variety and color options.

If space is an issue, stop first at Loaf and John Lewis for a great selection of divan storage beds with drawers, which are useful for keeping bed linen and towels out of the way. Just add a simple linen valance and headboard. If you don’t need to rummage through it every day, love your home has a couple of stylish hinged ottoman beds, which are ideal for squirrels away from vacuum-packed clothes and suitcases.

How much should you spend on a bed frame?

You can find a bed that looks stylish for as little as a few hundred dollars, but the cost of a good bed is usually determined by the style and materials used. Even if you opt for a well-made bed with spring slats, a frame upholstered with yards of linen or cotton velvet will probably be more expensive than raw wooden spindles, a hinged beanbag bed will cost more than a box spring without freestanding storage, keep this in mind when budgeting.

The retro, textured style of a rattan or wicker bed looks great in any space and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Some of the best can be found at big name brands such as Anthropology and

If you have the budget for something more special, try Maker and Sons for plump beds with a cushioned back, or Alfred Newall and Chelsea textiles for bobbin beds influenced by antique American bobbin styles. This writer’s favorite? Pinch unbeatable for the perfect balance between quality and interesting form.

Keep scrolling for an edit of the best bed frames in every style, for every budget…

Best for: Craft wood

A wooden bed frame is a classic and a great choice for a bit of Scandinavian or utilitarian flavor. Wooden beds are also a good opportunity to show off the craftsmanship if you opt for a high-end, handcrafted piece. On a more practical note, if you have allergies, a wooden bed is easier to clean and less likely to trap dust.

Kazmierski Canopy Bed

Accompanying bed De La Espada

Made Kano Full Size Platform Bed with Drawer Storage

Ercol bed frame for John Lewis Shalstone

Marien bed


Urban outfitters

Best for: velvet elegance

A velvet bed frame is a one-way ticket to that boutique hotel vibe. Cuddly fabric looks and feels so luxurious, and no other fabric makes jewelry sing like velvet. Choose a “smart” synthetic pile if your kids or pets are likely to slack on high-maintenance (and non-washable) 100% cotton plush.

Best for: metal heads

Traditional metal bed frames are incredibly chic options for charming period homes. Go traditional in iron or nickel and layer it with plump vintage duvets and comforters for a cottagecore look, or keep it sleek with a slim, contemporary four-poster bed.



Feather & Black

Happy Beds Rebecca Metal bed black

Old cast iron and brass bed

Best for: Skirted Beds

If you’ve noticed the sheer number of skirted sofa and chair designs right now, you’re right to spot a trend. A skirted bed is particularly current, but timeless at the same time. You can also create the style yourself quite easily with a valance. Their advantage, in addition to visually softening the appearance of your bed, is the practicality of storage drawers and boxes underneath. No one will be notified any longer.

John Lewis Emily Upholstered Bed Frame with Storage

Ideal for: Fashionable headboards

Beds with standout headboards are the key to taking a simply decorated bedroom to the next level. Treat them like works of art – they will grab your attention and create a focal point. An oversized or curvaceous headboard is also a great way to add character to a rental home, especially if there’s a pattern or color involved.

Best for: four posters

A four-poster bed is the ultimate bedroom luxury, but it doesn’t have to be heavy pieces of turned wood reminiscent of Scrooge’s bedroom. The four modern posters add to a space without overwhelming it. They also give you the opportunity to play with curtains. Just make sure you have ceiling height and access – the shape needs room to breathe.

Canopy bed in solid acacia wood

Best for: Upholstered

The easiest way to add a feeling of comfort and homeliness to a bedroom is to use layers of textiles. An upholstered bed is a great way to create a cozy space where you can cocoon yourself in the winter. Much like velvet beds and beds with quirky headboards, an upholstered bed is an instant injection of life and personality into a space through color, texture, and print.

Made Cory Super King Size Bed

Best for: rattan and cane

Rattan or bamboo beds are an easy way to give your bedroom a retro nod, while rattan has less of the 70s vibe, which works well with antique wooden bedside tables. Another thing to consider is price – more often than not, cane and rattan are some of the more affordable styles available to buy.

Bed for Hotel Sanders by Lind + Almond

Best for: Storage

Storage beds are a double win because their square design doesn’t allow dust or clutter to collect underneath, and they’re brilliant for tucking extra storage into a room without taking up more floor space. Choose a couch base with drawers if you need to access them regularly, or an ottoman bed if you’ll only have to lift it up for the occasional spare pillow.

Made Bahra King Size Ottoman Storage Bed