The best modern bed frames for 2022

To reach our top picks, we evaluated different features that helped us gauge their effectiveness. We first looked at the sizes of the bed frames. All of our picks are large sizes that can comfortably fit two or more sleepers. You can never go wrong with a king size bed. The number and size of sleepers will never be an issue when the bed is large enough to accommodate them. Our choices include bed frames of different heights. When choosing the right height of a bed frame for your home, consider rails. If the sleepers are children or people who are short or elderly, choose a short one that they will jump in effortlessly.

Our picks also have different types of headboards to meet different user preferences. All headboards, however, are stylish. This will enhance the look of your bedroom no matter which bed frame you choose. We chose bed frames with different designs because different people have different tastes. We’ve handpicked beautiful, stylish designs, so you don’t have to.

All our spikes also have different distances from the ground, allowing you to choose the one you prefer. You can use the size of the items you intend to store under your bed to measure your bed height. If you don’t plan on storing anything under the bed, a short distance won’t hurt. Also consider how easy it is to clean under the bed. A bed frame that is too low will make it difficult for you to clean underneath. However, if you have cleaning devices such as robot vacuums, distance shouldn’t be an issue.

We also considered different sizes and types of mattresses. All of our picks can be used with any type of mattress without damaging them. However, the ideal mattress size should be king/queen size since all of our picks are king/queen size.

We looked at different types of frames and opted for sturdy frames made of sturdy and safe material. Our picks are made of wood, stainless steel or metal alloy. These materials do not corrode or harm any type of skin. They are also tough and durable so will comfortably support your body weight for many years. Finally, we considered the price of bed frames and compared them to their design, durability, safety, and comfort. Therefore, we opted for stylish, durable, safe and comfortable bed frames at reasonable prices.