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Poster Frame Buying Guide

Modern scandinavian living room interior with mock up poster frame, designer chest of drawers, flower in vase, black rattan basket, books, teapot and stylish accessories.
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Why buy a poster frame?

There are several good reasons why it is worth investing in a good sturdy frame for your favorite posters. First and foremost, a poster frame will protect its contents the same way photo frames protect photos of treasured memories. A frame will prevent your poster from becoming dusty, dirty, spilled, watermarked, torn, bent or otherwise damaged. Many posters are made of quite fragile and thin paper, so they will last much, much longer if protected by a frame. Without a frame, you will need to use some sort of adhesive to secure your poster to the wall, which greatly increases the chances of the poster tearing or ripping if/when you take it apart to move it elsewhere. Some may even be magnetic, although these are rarer and only stick to certain surfaces. Thus, it is much easier to move to a new place on the wall, room or house with a frame.

What should you look for in poster frames?

  • The measurement: First, you need to know the dimensions of what you are looking to frame. Most framing products you come across will offer a wide variety of sizes, so there should be no reason to end up with wall decor that looks too loose or wrinkled inside the glass. You also don’t want the edges of your poster or art to be covered or cut off by the frame. Try to find a frame that is only one inch larger than the dimensions of your artwork while taking into account the size of the frame’s mat (the cardboard-like material that sits between a frame and your poster or artwork), if there is one.
  • Install: When it comes to hanging your wall art, the process should be as easy as sticking a nail into a stud and mounting it where you want it. But before that, you also need to pay attention to the loading process of your poster. Most traditional options will allow you to slip the poster into the frame and then seal it with a cardboard backing. More unique options incorporate a hanger-style design that exposes your art for a clearer view, albeit unprotected.
  • Design: There are large frames that exist outside of a standard black wooden border; however, when done right, these classics can elevate your art even further. Solid neutral hues like black, white, gray and brown will be the most common options, but you are by no means limited to these. Metallic and brighter colored poster frames are definitely out there, and there are many that are embossed or carved or otherwise more intricately decorated. You may even be able to find more unique frame shapes beyond the usual square or rectangular designs, although these are harder to find.

What is the best material for poster frames?

The metal is very durable and comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes to match a wide variety of decorating styles; a thin aluminum or stainless steel poster frame will work well in a modern, minimalist look, while a thicker patterned frame in bronze or silver will look great in a vintage or classic style home. If you opt for a metal frame, look for one that is naturally corrosion resistant or has been treated to prevent corrosion. Wooden poster frames can be made from natural real wood or processed particle board like MDF. Natural wood is heavier, more durable and has a longer lifespan, but it is also more expensive and requires much more maintenance than particle board. Particleboard will also have a more consistent grain since it’s man-made while nature’s go with real wood, so consider which look will suit the style of your home.

As for the front glazing of the frame, if it has one, most will be acrylic/plexiglass or real glass. Acrylic is lighter and less delicate than glass, but it also provides less clarity and sharpness for the image inside. Glass is generally thicker and also offers stronger protection in this regard.

Our picks for the best poster frames

Best choice

Advantages: While capturing the aesthetic of the heavy shell, this frame is crafted from wood and polished plexiglass, so it looks the part without being complicated to hang up. If you are more interested in large photographs than movie posters, this product and its selection of different sizes and colors will easily give off a gallery look. Hanging this frame is no more difficult than loading your poster and mounting it with the built-in hooks. Additionally, the frame can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on your poster.

The inconvenients: This frame is made from engineered wood rather than real solid wood, so it’s less durable than one made from real wood.

Conclusion : A must-have for movie buffs and retro wall art, this poster frame captures the joy of sliding your new favorite poster onto the wall. Its thick, deep black border is a perfect reminder of movie theater walls where each upcoming attraction is enclosed within a frame as large as the movie poster itself.

Best Magnetic Frame

Advantages: This template features a very unique way of framing by positioning magnetic enclosures at the top and bottom of your poster. Your artwork is no longer enclosed, so not fully protected, but you can enjoy it because it doesn’t dazzle the frame. The magnetic clips are easy to place on any poster as they slide into position so there is no potential damage here. There’s plenty of room for versatility, as it’s available in over 30 sizes and seven different frame colors. Not only is it suitable for any type of poster or canvas artwork, it is extremely affordable, costing a fraction of the usual price of a poster frame.

The inconvenients: Note that posters made from thicker material may affect the strength of the magnetic clips; thus, this hanger is best suited for thinner items. Since the frame doesn’t envelop the entire poster, it doesn’t offer as much protection.

Conclusion : What makes a poster frame stand out from the rest is its approach. There are many plastic-plexiglass frames out there, so it’s important that your search includes a frame that not only blends well with the artwork, but is worth looking at on its own.

Best Matching Set

Original MCS poster frame

This frame set offers an assortment of large and small sizes and quantities to fit a wide range of different posters.

Advantages: An ideal option for those on a budget, this pair of slim black poster frames give you great value for your money since you get two for the price of one. They are also simple to mount in a horizontal or vertical position thanks to the pre-installed mounting hardware, further adding to their already good value. They come in a decent amount of large and small sizes, including some harder to find sizes like 22.375 by 34 inches. If you need more than two frames, they are also available in six-packs, as well as individually.

The inconvenients: These frames are made from a lightweight plastic polystyrene material and feature plastic covers rather than the usual wood or metal, so they are not as strong or durable. Assembly is also required.

Conclusion : Most of us have more than one poster or wall art in our homes or dorms, but the cost of purchasing multiple frames can add up quickly. Buying frames in sets like this is a much more cost effective option.

Best wooden choice

Advantages: This slender poster frame is made from real oak hardwood, rather than less durable engineered wood, so you know it’s beautiful, sturdy, and high quality. The natural wood color is aesthetically pleasing and will suit many different decorating styles, but if that’s not to your liking it’s also available in black or white or a darker oak wood shade. With 12 different size options, ranging from small to medium to large, you should be able to find one that fits your poster perfectly. You can also buy them in a two-pack if you have more than one poster that needs framing, and it can be hung horizontally or vertically using the pre-installed mounting hardware on the back.

The inconvenients: Since this frame is made of real wood rather than particle board, it’s definitely pricey, especially for a single frame. It is also shallow so it may not be deep enough for thicker posters and artwork.

Conclusion : You can’t go wrong with a real, natural wood frame, and this oak model is a nice, sturdy option, both literally and figuratively.

Best metal frame

Advantages: This picture frame features a thin but strong aluminum liner and a real glass front cover. Both parts are made from quality materials: it’s aluminum, offering a sturdy casing that weighs just over six pounds, while the glass cover is designed to better handle scratches. The silver color only adds to the elegance of this look, making it a perfect frame for modern households or monochromatic art. A gold or black frame is also available if silver is not to your liking. It hangs vertically or horizontally and features two sawtooth clips that easily open and hook onto any nail or screw.

The inconvenients: Although aluminum frames tend to be more affordable than metal frames, this one is a bit more expensive than most thanks to its tempered glass cover.

Conclusion : Made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, this frame will make your poster stand out in just the right way without overwhelming or overwhelming it.

Final Thoughts

If you have a beloved poster or two (or more) in your home or dorm, a good sturdy poster frame is a must. They not only make it easy to move your poster from room to room or living space to living space, but ensure that your poster stays neat, unwrinkled and undamaged so you can enjoy it for years to come. years.