The brand released four new frames

You’ll probably be most familiar with the Emma sleep brand thanks to its impressive range of premium mattresses. In fact, the Emma Original mattress earned the GHI Award best mattress in a box spot and the brand also took second place for its signature memory foam pillow. But there are also a number of bedding essentials in Emma’s diverse range, and her latest drop includes four stylish new frames to suit a range of different bedroom schemes.

Prior to this launch, there was only one frame in Emma’s range – the smart padded Exclusive bed we have already reviewed for our sister Title Beautiful house. While we love the grownup tufted headboard and tufted finish, its distinctive design works best in modern bedrooms. The introduction of four new designs – one in metal, one in wood, a sofa with built-in storage and a simple customizable white option means there’s now a whole lot more to choose from, all with Emma’s top notch design and engineering feats.

Emma bed frame: the review

We chose to try the wood frame for this piece because of its versatile aesthetic and eco-friendly qualities. It’s one of the priciest options at £1,378 full price for a double and £1,478 for a king (although all frames are half price right now), but the natural oak finish is understated and classic. The brand assures us that it is also made from sustainably sourced and eco-friendly wood.

Emma wooden bed


Online, the brand says that assembling this frame should only take 15 minutes and you can do it yourself. When I unpacked it, however, the instructions actually recommended two people for assembly. Eventually I tackled it myself, finishing in 25 minutes.

It wasn’t difficult but the parts are strong making them reasonably heavy to maneuver – would have been easier with someone to help. But the instructions were clear and simple, and setup requires no tools; a real plus for those who are not so good at DIY (like me).

Emma wooden bed


The verdict? I love this frame for my bohemian bedroom. It goes well with my rattan bedside tables and looks great with crinkle linen bedding and a cozy throw. When finished it was very stable and secure, and there was plenty of room for all my under bed storage boxes.

However, after trying two Emma frames, I feel that the Signature bed slats are more supportive for sleeping. They are stronger, thicker and more elastic, each being individually attached to the frame with plastic brackets. The wooden frame slats are held together by strings that stretch across the base and there was a noticeable difference in how the mattress felt on the frame.

If that’s a major concern for you, the Signature bed can’t be beat. It also comes with a 10 year warranty unlike the three of the wooden option. In contrast, the wooden frame took much less time to install and the aesthetic is much more versatile.

Being a premium brand, Emma’s offerings don’t come cheap at full price. However, the brand offers regular and decent discounts – there’s currently 50% off as part of its end of summer sale, bringing the price of the wooden frame down to £689 for a double size.

Shop the wooden frame here or view the full range on Emma’s website here.

What other Emma bed frames are there?

As part of Emma’s new listing, the brand has released a very sleek minimal metal frame with slim railings and an understated black color. This makes it a good base to style however you like, so a great choice if you like to switch things up often.

But the most minimal frame of all the brand’s offerings is the platform – if you’ve got your own headboard you’d like to use, go for it.

For Scandi projects, the white bed is a great choice – choose from adding two or four drawers if you prefer.

Creating an instant feeling of luxury, the opulent sofa turns heads – and the built-in drawers give you seamless extra storage for spare bedding and out-of-season clothing.

As for the Signature bed, we loved that sleek frame when we tried it on for Beautiful house – see our full review here. For something as cool as it is smart, and supportive too? This one is the best option for you.