The organization designs library spaces in local shelters

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — A local organization is helping inspire abused women and children to read by creating a safe space for them at local shelters.

The Wildflower Initiative has designed ten library spaces around San Diego County.

“We’re creating these very enviable spaces now that are comforting, inspiring and really bring out something in kids to empower them to take control of themselves,” said Tiana Uribe, the organization’s founder.

The Wildflower Initiative works with its partners to custom design an area for each shelter. ABC 10News visited one in North County that had several bookcases filled with books for different ages, in English and Spanish, as well as chairs, stuffed animals and even a tent for children to sit in and read.

“There are a lot of hiccups when kids and parents see this piece. There’s a lot of oh my god, that’s so cool. There’s a lot I wanted to read in this book,” said Sofia Hughes, who helps oversee shelters run by the Women’s Resource Center.

Women’s Resource Center CEO Stephanie Miller says getting young children to read is key. And she says giving mothers and their children a safe, quiet place to bond by reading together gives them a significant sense of normalcy in a difficult time.

“They’re so busy trying to be safe and going through the trauma of abuse and not having time to promote literacy and really get kids to read,” Miller said.

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