The World’s Best Bathroom Designs at the World’s Best Hotels

A hotel bathroom is a decisive element. It doesn’t matter how thread count your Egyptian cotton sheets are or how good your wet bar is; if your hotel bathroom isn’t great, it makes the whole room feel less luxurious.

Fortunately, most hotel designers are aware of this indisputable fact and pay special attention to bathroom design.

We’ve rounded up some of the most breathtaking, from indoor and outdoor beauties on sunny shores to modern marble-clad bathrooms fit for a monarch. Put on your bathrobe and slippers, and let’s go for a walk.

1. GoldenEye, Jamaica

GoldenEye was built as a dream villa by James Bond creator Ian Fleming and quickly became a jet set favorite, attracting the likes of Noël Coward, Errol Flynn, Lucian Freud, Katharine Hepburn, Cecil Beaton, Laurence Olivier, Evelyn Waugh, Alec Guinness Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, to name a few. Fleming would go on to write Casino Royale and many other Bond novels at this same villa. It was later purchased by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who opened it as a hotel and added beach cabanas in 2016.

GoldenEye beach cabins

Each villa has its own waterside terrace

(Image credit: GoldenEye)

The outdoor showers and baths here are frankly superlative, utterly fit for a Bond girl, boy or person.

Book a stay at GoldenEye (opens in a new tab). Villas start around $700.

A paradise island outdoor bathroom

Outdoor bathrooms are standard

(Image credit: GoldenEye)

An outdoor shower with a bamboo frame

Showers don’t get much more refreshing than this

(Image credit: GoldenEye)

2. Ritz Paris

Vincent Leroux

A magical bathroom at the Ritz Paris

(Image credit: Vincent Leroux)

Above all, we had to include the Ritz Paris because it was the first hotel to offer adjoining bathrooms, the original ones!

But over a hundred years later, these rooms still delight with their classic regal aesthetic and stunning details, including golden bird-shaped taps. Fluffy peach dresses are also the stuff of legend.

Throughout the hotel, period furnishings ranging from Louis XV to Art Nouveau have been faithfully recreated, and the rooms themselves are also suitable for future Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadours.

Book a stay at the Ritz Paris (opens in a new tab). Rooms starting at $1000.

3. El Fenn, Marrakesh

EL Fenn tiled bathroom

Every bathroom is a little different

(Image credit: EL Fenn)

The one thing that all 30 rooms at El Fenn have in common is that they’re all beautifully designed and all offer luxurious deep soaking tubs. Other than that, each has a unique style and color palette, with a bathroom to suit every taste.

The hotel, originally designed as a private home for Vanessa Branson, is spread across interconnecting riads and mixes Moroccan craftsmanship with bright colors and mid-century furnishings.

Book a stay at El Fenn (opens in a new tab). Rooms from $390.

El Fenn bathroom

Marble and rich colors abound

(Image credit: El Fenn)

El Fenn Freestanding Bath

This freestanding bathtub is in one of the bedrooms

(Image credit: El Fenn)

4. The Goodtime Hotel

The Good Time Hotel

These bathrooms rely on light and playful colors

(Image credit: The Goodtime Hotel)

Sweet and ultra-cool, the aptly named Goodtime is the brainchild of Miami hotel impresario David Grutman of Groot Hospitality and iconic musician Pharrell Williams.

The whimsical look, believed to be inspired by Wes Anderson films, is courtesy of architect Morris Adjmi and superstar designer Ken Fulk. We love the playful bathrooms in pastel colors with their retro tiling and Art Deco-style finishes. Proof that you don’t have to have a huge bathroom to introduce the sense of play.

Book a stay at the Goodtime Hotel (opens in a new tab). Rooms from $200.

Goodtime hotel swimming pool with pastel pink and green

The Strawberry Moon Pool Club is also a great inspiration for the bathroom

(Image credit: Goodtime Hotel)

5. Peter and Paul, New Orleans

Pierre et Paul hotel bathroom

Slinky tub in bedroom at Peter and Paul in New Orleans

(Image credit: Hotel Pierre and Paul)

Centered around a desecrated Catholic church in New Orleans, Peter and Paul is spread over three different buildings: guests can choose to stay in a former convent, the school where the nuns taught, or the rectory where the clergy. Each space has been imaginatively renovated and remodeled with pieces made by local artisans or purchased second-hand at antique fairs.

We love the character of the bathrooms, and their diversity too! Freestanding clawfoot tubs against retro 70s style tiles, wacky striped shower stalls and deep soaking tubs concealed by a curtain beside the bed.

Book a stay at Pierre et Paul (opens in a new tab). Rooms from $160.

peter and paul

(Image credit: Peter and Paul)

peter and paul

The overall look is maximalist rich and understated

(Image credit: Peter and Paul)

6. Hotel Le Royal Monceau Raffles

Royal Monceau Raffles bathroom mirror

You’ll feel like you’re bathing in a huge jewelry box

(Image credit: Royal Monceau Raffles)

This “Palace” quality Parisian bolt hole is designed by French superstar Philippe Starck, who was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Everywhere, the playful and contemporary design plays with angles and perspectives.

The dazzling mirrored bathrooms are a highlight. It’s a bit like being inside a dazzling giant jewelry box. Comfort, however, is more than superficial. Bathrooms offer deep freestanding tubs, rainfall showers, Clarins toiletries, and Dyson hairdryers as standard.

Book a stay at Royal Monceau Raffles (opens in a new tab). Rooms starting at $1300.

Raffles Royal Monceau

Dyson hair dryers come standard

(Image credit: Royal Monceau Raffles)

7. Hazlitt Hotel, Soho, London

Hazzlit hotel room and bathroom

Retro meets contemporary

(Image credit: Hazzlit’s Hotel)

Expect old-school British elegance and a touch of English eccentricity at Hazlitt’s in central London. The name comes from the 18th century writer who originally lived in this townhouse complex.

The retro bathrooms with roll-top tubs are particularly luxurious, against a backdrop of 1700s-style art and decor. Even better, the literary-themed hotel is lined with bookshelves, so what could be more charming to relax in than to take a long bath with a favorite tome?

Stay with Hazlitt (opens in a new tab). Rooms start around $310.

8. Le Meurice

The bathroom of the La Belle Etoile du Meurice suite

The marble bathroom offers a panoramic view over the rooftops of Paris

(Image credit: Le Meurice)

This is without a doubt the most amazing bathroom I have seen with my own eyes. It’s located in the La Belle Etoile penthouse suite at the ultra-luxury Hotel Meurice in Paris, which costs around $20,000 a night and is said to be a favorite of Beyoncé, while being totally out of reach for most. mere mortals.

Nevertheless, we can dream… and steal design ideas. This regal bathroom overlooks the rooftops of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, framed by the elegant Art Nouveau style windows. Views like this aren’t easy to come by, but we like the general idea of ​​a bath with a view. The entire marble bathroom is clad in Italian stone accented with touches of gold.

Book a stay at Le Meurice (opens in a new tab). Rooms start at $1300, increasing by grade of room or suite.

9. Coqui Coqui


Bathrooms don’t get much more romantic than this

(Image credit: Coqui)

This is perhaps the most romantic bathroom in the world.

Coqui Coqui Mérida, located in the capital of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, is one of the few boutique accommodations created by hoteliers and perfumers Francesca Bonato and Nicolas Malleville.

On the ground floor of this sprawling Parisian-style mansion, you’ll find a chic perfumery whose musky botanical scents waft through to the penthouse suite, where guests stay.

Standout features include the four-poster bed and the absurdly romantic bathroom with two parallel freestanding tubs against a backdrop of high ceilings and gilded mirrors. Spa treatments are also available, including body scrubs in a sunny outdoor bath.

Book a stay at Coqui Coqui Mérida (opens in a new tab). Suite from $420.