U2 shelving ‘Songs of Ascent’ for new rock album

Nearly 20 songs have been recorded so far

Bono revealed that U2 recorded around 20 songs for their long-awaited Ascension Songs album, but shelving it for now. The rocker tells the New York Times that the group has decided to return to the studio for the benefit of a rock album.

“We have almost finished this album called Ascension Songs, which we do not issue. We’re going to release a rock ‘n’ roll album. So we’re not releasing that, but I’m telling you it’s awesome,” Bono says before playing the interviewer clips of “The Bard’s Last Breath” and “Smile” — the latter of which has a “very cool, Beatle -y thing” to her – from the project on her phone.

bono says Ascension Songs isn’t scrapped, it’s just behind “held” for a more “noisy” guitar-based project.

“A loud, uncompromising, unreasonable guitar album,” he explains. “Of those unreasonables, it’s likely that I’ll take advantage of the part of me, the anger that hasn’t been dealt with.”

Bono explains that he and The Edge’s songwriting are “at a very high level”. and that the group was “tempted” to leave Ascension Songs ‘out of competition’ Instead, the rocker shares the band ‘felt the material was so strong that it was worth taking the time to make sure people heard about it and heard it’.

It is not known when the new rock record or Ascension Songs will fall.

Bono is preparing his memoir, Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, for release on November 1. The subtitle, 40 Songs, One Story, refers to the book’s 40 chapters, each named after a U2 song. The book tells the story of Bono’s remarkable life, the challenges he faced, and the friends and family who shaped and supported him.

The band should go out surrender songs this fall which includes 40 old U2 songs recreated during lockdown. Fan site U2 Songs says some of the tracks will premiere on November 1 along with Bono’s memoir companion audiobook. “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “One”, “With Or Without You”, “Beautiful Day” and others are set to be released as a four-disc set sometime after the book’s release, with November 18 being specifically mentioned, but not confirmed.

Bono will embark on a 14-city book tour across North America and Europe on November 2. The rocker will bring his life’s stories to life – live and in person – in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Dublin and more through November 28.

Earlier this summer, U2 was rumored to be launching a Las Vegas residency in 2023 at the new MSG Sphere. Multiple sources tell Billboard that the iconic group will open the high-tech arena with a series of non-consecutive dates over several months, although a timeline has not been shared. A major tour is rumored to be hitting stadiums around the world in 2023.