Upcycled Life: Succulent Frames | The Spokesperson’s Review

Picture frames are often replaced as styles change. Yet these styles are coming back into fashion and are found in abundance in thrift stores. Repurpose old picture frames that either lack glass or have seen better days by making this vertical succulent planter.

Start with a frame without glass or supports. Cut hardware fabric thread to fit inside a frame and use a staple gun to secure it.

Then you need to give the depth of the frame to hold the floor. I repurposed a used stretcher frame from Art Salvage which is about the same size as the picture frame. The canvas had already been cut from the frame and I left the canvas painted around the edges.

Next, cut a piece of wood that covers the back and screw the three layers together.

Turn it over and fill the frame with potting soil through the mesh.

Gently add succulents, weaving the roots around the mesh to hold them in place. Use a few floral pins if needed. Let it sit for a few weeks in a sunny spot to allow the plants to fully root in place.

You can now hang the frame and water as needed.

Katie Patterson Larson is the director and founder of Art Salvage. Art Salvage keeps usable materials out of the waste stream and makes them accessible and affordable. For more information, visit artsalvagespokane.com.