Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly saved over $20 million by ditching Batgirl

Warner Bros.’ bat girl the cancellation will likely earn them some hostility from the public and creative community, but where the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav cares — ultimately — it could save the company around $20 million, according to Deadline. It’s part of an overall attempt by Zaslav to cut about $3 billion from Warner Bros. get into debt right away – a particularly important strategy for Warner Bros. Discovery, because the company is massively in debt. In order to acquire the much larger Warner Bros. of AT&T, Discovery had to take on far more debt than the company was worth at the time.

According to the Financial Times, the total debt of Warner Bros. Discovery would be around $55 billion. What all of this means is that a $20 million tax cut for Batgirl seems like peanuts, but it could be a case of Zaslav cutting everything he can, as aggressively as he can, by thinking that every little bit helps.

It’s also likely that all the other bad news ahead for DC fans, HBO Max subscribers and beyond – will be coming soon. According to the story that broke yesterday, many of these cuts are designed to take advantage of a tax loophole that expires this month.

Warner Bros. would have invested up to 90 million dollars in the bat girl film – which starred Michael Keaton as Batman, Leslie Grace as Batgirl, Brendan Fraser as Firefly and JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon – before Discovery decided to pull the plug. Part of the advantage for Zaslav is that he can blame any losses on the previous regime, since AT&T’s ownership of Warner Bros. was almost exclusively focused on building the HBO Max app and brand. Zaslav apparently doesn’t see the point in spending a lot of money on HBO Max exclusives and wants to cap spending on original films at around $30 million.

In keeping with this philosophy, before the plug is fully pulled bat girl, Zaslav reportedly explored the idea of ​​opening it in theaters. Ultimately, that won’t happen either – although it’s unclear at this time whether this is simply a tax consideration or, as previously reported, the result of a film made for the small screen, which has not “evolved” well. for theatres.

For its part, WBD said that the bat girl the cancellation is part of a larger shift in the company’s DC ethos – something that has fans eager for the The Green Lantern series and movies like blue beetle and Zatannavery nervous today.