With trendy colored window frames, here’s how to get the look

If you’re looking to update the look and style of your home, this new trend may be for you. People change the color of their window frames and it gives their house a whole new look.

According to Adrian Beaver of Pure Energy Window Company, one of the most popular colors for window frames is black. This sleek look can really update homes that have outdated white or cream frames.

However, if black isn’t really your color, you shouldn’t feel limited.

Beaver says they can do any color you want. it’s about making the house unique and to your personal taste. You also don’t have to choose the same color for the entire frame. For example, you can make a black frame on the outside with a wood grain inside. Other than black, other trending colors include rustic bronze, dark brown, and bold dark colors in general.

If you are looking to change the color of your window frame, you may want to consider replacing your windows entirely, especially if they are old or worn. One of the biggest benefits of changing windows is that new windows are much more energy efficient than old ones. You could end up saving a lot of money on your energy bill, which can help offset the cost of new windows.

As Beaver explained, the more layers you have, the better the window will be insulated. All Pure Energy Window Company windows have three panes of glass, which really helps with energy efficiency.

Watch the video above to see before and after homes were upgraded to a colored window frame and to learn more about current financing offers.

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